Your New Colorful Family Tradition!

Your New Colorful Family Tradition!

We love staying connected to our digital lives. But something special happens when we untether from our devices and embrace our analog lives. We notice a freedom that gives us a chance to connect – really connect – with the people we’ve been sharing these seemingly unending days with (because, well, 2020). In fact, we’ve started a new tradition: family coloring night. Which is exactly what it sounds like. We get together and color. Color Me Fun posters are big (we wouldn’t call them posters if they weren’t!) and they lend themselves perfectly to group coloring sessions. With 3 ½ feet by 5 feet of welcoming creative real estate just waiting for your personal touch, you can make it a night – or several days of coloring. And when you’re all done, the best part is hanging that memory for all to see.

Some pro tips for an evening of family coloring:

Divvy it up.  Everyone grab a section, color away, and eventually meet in the middle of the poster.

Change it up. Set a timer, and when it goes off, rotate the poster so everyone starts coloring a different section.

Theme it up and laugh it up. Create different themes to go along with your coloring night. Like joke night. Tell everyone to come prepared with their best jokes. Your call if you want to allow any off-color humor.

Life seems just a little brighter when coloring. And it’s not just because of the actual colors we’re laying down on paper. With a crayon or colored pencil (or our favorite, one of these markers) in hand instead of a phone, we find ourselves doing something we hadn’t been doing all that much of previously: smiling, laughing (hard), and just…being with each other. Of course, that phone doesn’t have to go too far: streaming some background music – or even a podcast – sometimes can help get those juices flowing as you color.

Our posters' fun designs, high-quality paper, and generous size means they make a striking framed statement. So hanging the finished artwork up is a natural choice. And it’s always nice to stop and look and remember the fun you had the night you all created it together.

Voila. A tradition is born. And we’ll be there right with you as we constantly update our offerings to ensure family coloring night is always fresh and colorful.

So go ahead, be the black sheep of the family. Or the pink sheep. Or the yellow sheep. Or the…

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