About Us

Our Palette

Color Me Fun is a universal, age-inclusive, and creative answer to all the color COVID-19 has stolen from the world lately. Founded in 2020, we are a US female-founded and employee-owned company. All of us here are several shades of excited about bringing our coloring products to you, and adding brightness to your life.

Coloring outside the lines

Life isn’t ideal at the moment and few distractions can speak louder than a global pandemic.

Everyone, including us at Color Me Fun, have found ourselves scraping the very bottom of the ‘hobby barrel’ during these last few months. There’s only so much cross-stitching a self-respecting individual can do. So, we decided to take it upon ourselves to find a solution to the grey of the everyday.

We turned to the experts, those white coat wearing, smarty-pants, and Turning to the experts, we discovered that coloring isn’t just about simple enjoyment…it actually improves your overall well-being. Picking up that crayon, marker, or colored pencil has similar effects on stress and anxiety levels as meditation does. It slows down the fear response that seems to be firing a bit more nowadays, and grounds you in the task of staying in the lines, which is hard sometimes.

However, while you’re focusing on becoming the next Bob Ross, both sides of your brain are stimulated and working together, leaving little time to focus on the negative and all the time to focus on yourself.

Happiness is a color

It’s no secret the value art brings to people’s lives and our mission is to bring some of it into yours. This versatile and accessible therapy lights up your brain in ways that other hobbies don’t. At Color Me Fun, our coloring posters are more than a distraction, they’re an enjoyable part of any day.

We offer group and individual coloring options, as well as learning-based opportunities with specific collections based on cities, exotic animals, global cultural icons, nature, and many more. Constantly developing new and exciting designs, Color Me Fun has a poster for everyone.

Time to color your world

Coloring brings out that same, simple joy in everyone, encouraging us all to be artists in our own ways. Join our movement to tone down the effects of the outside world and bring some more color into our communities and homes.

We always love to see your creations, so feel free to share them on our social media pages or even email them directly to us. They should have a coveted spot on your wall too!

That’s all from us for now, so go out there and color your own world.